Emilie Brandt



 "Emilie Brandt is building up to something big."

"Debut album 'Freeform' was acclaimed on its 2018 release, and her next project is set to be a storming statement from the pop auteur."

-Robin Murray via CLASH



Emilie Brandt's Debut Album 'Freeform' Is A Rollercoaster Of Emotions:

"Emilie Brandt wanted to make sure that her debut album, Freeform, mirrored just how eccentric her very own life was."

"...she was able to straddle the layers of heartbreak and identity on the nine-track set."

- James Dinh via iHeart Radio



"Emilie has already established she's a voice that will see plenty of love in the dance music world throughout her career. If you're not keeping up with her now, you'll be sorry you missed out in a few months."

- NIKO SANI via EDM.com 


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GREY (single)2018